Our focus is on today

While we may look around and see different sights, we all gaze up at the same blue sky and breathe in the same air. Our goal at Waste Management is to connect those threads in tangible, effective ways to help people realize how important they are to our mission of environmental stewardship.
Taking care of the planet isn’t an easy job, so it’s important for us to spread sustainability knowledge to our friends, neighbors, and family members.

Real Solutions

For decades, our world has been becoming more convenient. But more convenience has brought more waste. It’s why we take our duties as an environmental steward seriously, and why we’re on the frontlines of managing waste and recycling.

Being an environmental steward isn’t about just dreaming up lofty answers to environmental questions, it’s about having the grit and determination to put real solutions to work.
We’ve been leading sustainability efforts long before it became the buzzword it is today. Our business is built not just on the idea of sustainability but the real world practice of it.

The Right Way

We use every tool at our disposal to make sustainability an integral part of everyday life. After investing in sustainable technologies, educating our friends and neighbors about how to recycle right, and analyzing our own environmental impact, we’ve learned that applying our continent-wide expertise at a local level can benefit our entire planet.
But just because we’re willing to think local doesn’t mean our thinking is small.
Far from it.

What We Do

  • Supply and install waste recycling bins and supplies of all sizes and material types customized to the needs of the clients and sourced from local and international suppliers
  • Supply and install waste separation / recycling equipment from individual equipment to complete waste recycling centers designed specifically for the targeted waste stream and recycling objectives.
  • Supply and install complete waste composting solutions of all sizes and types including composting bins, waste shredders, compost mixers, compost turners, thermometers, and moisture meters.
  • Supply and install waste transfer station equipment
  • Perform feasibility studies for waste recycling and composting projects
  • Operation of waste recycling and composting projects

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